Dr. William J. Feuss has been a featured speaker at marketing, strategy, and quality conferences since 1997.   While all of his speeches are tailored to the needs of the audience, he focuses on his area of specialization:

Customer Value and Competitive Position

In today's tough economic climate, it is especially important for a company to learn how to map its competitive position as a first step toward charting a course to greater market share. The short-term, financially focused managerial approaches that got us into trouble will not get us out of the present crisis. The short-term pressure to increase profits has led to cutting costs in ways that have adversely affected quality. Customers noticed, and they switched to products, generally from other countries, that provided them with better quality at a lower price; in other words, better value.

What is needed is a different approach that has a long-term orientation. Research has shown that work climate, quality, customers' value perceptions, market share, and profitability are related to each other over time in the manner of a chain reaction, as proposed by the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming. The tools of Customer Value Analysis make this chain reaction visible and make clear a company's competitive position.

Customer Value Analysis enables a company to quantify customers' perceptions of value, and identify ways to improve them. It is based upon The PIMS (Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy) Principles. When combined with Deming's approach to managing for quality, it can help companies chart a course to increased market share.

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